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At Specialty Hospice, our volunteer program is truly a service for the soul. Our volunteers are a diverse group of people who have the heart for helping others in their community. Our Direct Care volunteers are a key component to maintaining stability in our patients homes; providing comfort and a normalcy of everyday life. This is a critical service for many people who cannot do certain things for themselves, but are not hospital or facility appropriate. Indirect Care volunteers provide support and assistance in different, but equally important ways, such as marketing and communications assistance, or creating cards and handmade gifts that are given to patients.

Our volunteer mission is to Educate, Advocate, and Participate


We have a goal of educating the public of the largely unknown benefits of hospice for patients and caregivers. By opening up communication we aim to help people understand that choosing hospice is not “giving up hope”


One of the many benefits of hospice, is that we become an advocate for patients and families. By volunteering and getting to know our patients personally, you will become an integral part of the liason between patients and their medical team.


We want you, as a volunteer, to feel welcome as part of our team and have the desire to participate in many opportunities Specialty Hospice has to offer. You will create real results and bring quality of life by offering practical services to our patients. Have you ever been curious about art or pet therapy? Or maybe you’d like to brush up on computer or marketing skills? Do you have a talent for speaking to large groups? By volunteering in such areas, you will be helping others, as well as benefitting from personal enrichment at the same time!

Current volunteers

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