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Learn More About Specialty Hospice And Our History

Specialty Hospice Has Been Serving Patients, Their Caregivers And Family Members In Mississippi With High Quality, In-Home Hospice Care Since 2010. Learn More About Specialty Hospice And How We Can Help You and Your Loved Ones Get Through Your Current Challenge Through End Of Life Care.

Our Clients Are More Than Patients, They're Family

Our History

Serving Mississippi In-Home Hospice Patients With Compassion Since 2010

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Why Should You Consider Specialty Hospice?

We Have Been Serving Mississippi Since 2010

Why does this matter? We are not new to the field of hospice care. We have years of experience which has helped us to streamline our processes to offer you and your loved ones some of the highest quality hospice care in the State of Mississippi. While many have come and gone during this time, we have grown to be one of the top rated hospice agencies in the State. Why? We were called to serve the people of Mississippi with hearts full of empathy and compassion.

We Are Locally And Privately Owned

We care because we live here too. This is important to us, and should be important to you for several reasons. Our services are carried out on the basis of what is best for patients and caregivers, not what is best for nameless, faceless corporate shareholder's profit margins. Beyond that, we are your neighbors, maybe even family or friends in some cases. We understand not only the general culture of Mississippi, but we also understand the various sub-cultures of the people of Mississippi, which allows us to provide care at the highest levels.

Our One Of A Kind "Comfort Care For Caregivers" Program

Our Comfort For Caregivers Program is one of the many "small details" that sets us apart from many hospice organizations. We understand the difficulty, pressure, and emotional pain associated with caring for your loved ones during their end of life struggle. We also know from years of experience that caregivers and family members need a physical and psychological break to recharge their spirits in the battle they are enduring with their loved ones. To that end, we offer our Comfort For Caregivers Program

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